How to do the triumph card trick

How To Do the Triumph Card Trick

What is The Triumph Card Trick?

The triumph card trick is an incredible trick that never ceases to amaze. In the past we roughly explained this trick in the tutorial on how to be a cardician. The trick is pretty simple but is great for involving the audience. To start you can show the audience that the deck is the same as any other deck. Show it has all 52 cards and nothing is wrong with. Then proceed to shuffle the deck to show that it has been completely randomized. An audience member can even be chosen to shuffle it further and even split it to ensure that the cards are completely combined together. Next the same audience member or another one is chosen to come up and choose any card from the deck. Once the card is picked it can then be placed back somewhere in the deck.

Once this is done the deck is then reshuffled again to show the card has been mixed back in randomly. Following this the deck is then split in two halves where one half is facing down and the other up. These two halves are then combined so the deck is a mix with cards facing different directions. This mixed up deck is then showed to the audience. Next in the triumph card trick, the deck is place down and a magic action or phrase is said and the deck is spread out across the ground or bench it is sat on. When the deck is spread out it can be seen that the deck is no longer mixed up. All of the cards are facing down except a single card. That card facing up is the card selected by the audience member and that’s the triumph card trick complete.

How To Do the Triumph Card Trick

So now you know about the triumph card trick and how the process goes lets discuss how it’s actually done. To start after all the shuffling and pre-trick showmanship a card is chosen. Because this trick just requires a false shuffle the card selected doesn’t matter. As the card is placed back in the deck you need to create a pinky break between the portion of the deck above the card and the card itself. This can be done by creating a bend before placing the card back in and then placing the pinky between or any other way that is easy to perform. Ensure the pinky break is invisible to the audience. This is simple to do just cover the deck with your hand and keep the pinky finger bent and between the deck at the back.

Next in the trick the deck is placed onto the bench in parts with the pinky break being maintained until one of the deck features the selected card on top. These decks can then be combined to form the complete deck with the chosen card placed atop. From this point the deck can be reshuffled again using a false shuffle and ensuring the chosen card remains on top. From this point the deck will then be shuffled with the cards facing different directions. To do this split the deck remembering which section features the chosen card on top. Then the section without the chosen card on top can be flipped so that it is facing upwards.

Next the two corners of each deck must be intertwined. This makes it look like all the cards are about to be mixed randomly together. However this corner connection is then broke as you rotate the deck so the two decks are horizontal with one another. As this is done the chosen card must be slid atop the deck that is facing upwards. this deck facing upwards must then be placed on top of the other deck. When done at speed this looks as though the cards have been completely mixed together. Next sections of the deck can be shown in order to display that the deck is indeed mixed or seemingly mixed as we know.

A point at the bottom can be chosen to show cards face down to face up. A top section can then be chosen to show sections face up to face down. Then the half way point between the decks can be shown to show cards that are back to back. As the back to back section is placed back together though the top section with the chosen card on top is flipped. This makes sure all the cards are face down bar the chosen card. From this point the cards can then be laid out and the only card shown is the one chosen. This is all that must be done and that’s the triumph card trick. For those who are better visual learners here is a great video tutorial of this card trick being explained.


This is one of the best pick a card tricks that can be performed. It entertains all audiences and seems impossible. This is due to the fact that it seemingly mixes cards back to front. This mix takes the trick to a whole new level as it leaves audiences wondering how all the cards got back to facing one direction. This along with the fact as to how their card is the only one facing up. Just a general version of this trick seems impossible to the naked eye. As most know leaving audiences wondering how you did it is the key to success in card magic.

Obviously though this trick can be improved upon. By customizing the trick and making it yours it makes the trick that little bit better. It turns the trick into something the audience may have seen to something that is seemingly impossible. That is the true goal of any magician. How you choose to customize it though is up to you. As discussed, a cardician should learn as many tricks as possible and learn to customize and individualize them.