Tiny Plunger Magic Trick

How to do the Tiny Plunger Card Magic Trick

What is the Tiny Plunger Card Magic Trick? The Tiny Plunger Card trick is a very simple trick with a very magical tiny plunger. Based on a concept by Mathieu Bich, with additional ideas by Jon Armstrong and Garrett Thomas, Tiny Plunger is  an amazing trick!

That little plunger fooled me” and went on to say That may be the only original card trick I’ve ever seen ~ Penn Jillette

The Magician uses his Tiny Plunger to pick up how ever many cards the audience says. To commence the trick you will need just 2 items:

The first step is to crease the bottom right of the card, enough so your audience can not see the crease.
Try to hold the cards with the crease facing your body and not in view of your audience. The crease card will always start at the bottom.

One of the best things about this trick is that you can perform it anyway you’d like. The stage is yours, so think outside the box and come up with a story for your Tiny Plunger.

The scenario:

So today I have a friend with me, hes kind of shy but he is very strong. Everyone give around of applause for Tiny Plunger. He takes a few minutes to warm up so why don’t we start out slow.

Do we have any volunteers? Yes you, come on  up. Tiny Plunger can pick up how ever many cards you would like him to pick up. So give Tiny Plunger a number and let him show you strong he is. “17”

As your volunteer shouts out a number, start to pretend to shuffle but really stick the creased card under the 17th card. You will do this for however many times you perform the volunteers number.

So now that Tiny Plunger has gotten comfortable around you guys lets see how smart he really is.

Pick any card
Let the audience show the card to everyone but the plunger and yourself, try and cover up the plunger with your hand for effect. 

Now put the card on top of the deck(under the creased card) and say now I will put the card in side the deck. (perform a cut and state the card is now somewhere random in the deck.)

Now in order to for Tiny Plunger to pull your card from the deck he is going to have to read your mind. (Stick the plunger on your volunteers forehead.) Okay I think he has it and stick the plunger onto the top of the deck and lift up with their card revealed at the bottom of the deck.

With lots of practice you can make changes and add your own scenarios to this trick. I am looking forward to hearing about your experience with this amazing magic trick The Tiny Plunger.